Atenall – The Security in your hands! 1.0.0 Mod APK Full

Atenall – The Security in your hands! 1.0.0 Mod APK Full

Description of Atenall - The Security in your hands!

Do you want to get Atenall – The Security in your hands! Mod APK for your Android Phone? So, Get it now! The Users can run this app in Minimum Android 4.4+ devices. More then 61 App Store users have voted for Atenall – The Security in your hands!. The App has been downloaded for more then 1,000+ times on Google Play. The Popularity of this app is immense, because it have ratings of 10. The App is published with version 1.0.0. The App updated last on 2020-03-30.


🔐ATENALL🛡️ is a platform that looks👓 forward to collaborate with the public safety 👍, in the cities 🌆 of the whole world 🌎, using the social 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 factor for it.

We are millions of 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦citizens and 💪together we are the best 🤝security system that exists, better than security cameras or alarms.

👹Thieves, ☠ murderers, 👿rapists, or any type of 💩criminal, have no chance against 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦millions of attentive 🧐eyes to report them.

❤️Some Atenall´s Functions:❤️

🌟Panic or Emergency Bottoms:🌟With a simple bottom to use, you can ask for help, sending a SOS to other users that are close by, sending your location, to be helped by other citizens. With this you have an important security option, to be able to help or be helped.

🌟Crimes Denounce: 🌟Atenall´s idea is not to substitute the police, but yes, to be a fast channel to alert others citizens about the imminent dangers and with that, also help the police, with other citizens help, to get a better security for all.

🌟To Comment Occurrences:🌟In each of the citizens denounces, anyone also has the option to add information about these occurrences so, with that, help everyone to get a clearer and complete panorama of what is happening at real time.

🌟To Get Occurrences: 🌟Atenall gives the option to all of looking for registered occurrences by other users, of happenings that they are having at this moment in your town, or nearby cities.

🌟Send Occurrences: 🌟With Atenall you also have the option to send an occurrence to a familiar person or friend, with the details of some happening that you find important to them.

With a simple interface, focusing on its purpose, in seconds you can post a fact that you have witnessed in your city, helping other citizens doing that; and they can also make comments, at any time, adding information to the fact, creating an information network at the moment, about what is happening in your city, without relying on the police, press medium or government bodies.

Doing that, you can help with your city´s safety, and with these informations, we can press our mayors to take clear measures about the various themes related with the public security of our city.

To make sure that we will not have fake registrations of the facts, each fact counts with a question, when someone looks for its details, “Did this happen?” – “I confirm” “I don´t know” “It is a lie”. If we have a specific quantity of reports that “It is a lie”, the fact leaves the platform for a while, in order to be validated by our specialist team.

We look forward to be the way towards a new reality in our cities, of greater transparency, security and peace for all of us, and we count with you for this to happen.
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