DC Life: Normal Edition 1.620 APK Mod Free

DC Life: Normal Edition 1.620 APK Mod Free

Description of DC Life: Normal Edition

The latest DC Life: Normal Edition Mod + APK Android is finally released for you guys. The Current version of DC Life: Normal Edition is 1.620. DC Life: Normal Edition has got almost 50,000+ on the Play Store. More then 885 App Store users have voted for DC Life: Normal Edition. Taking about the Requirements, this app requires Android 5.0+ and Upper devices. Our developers works day to night, so they updated this app on 2020-03-20. This Amazing app have 10.0 Score of 10.

Special Update

To celebrate 4 years of DC Life on Play Store, we plan to push a special update to the free version. DC Life: Special Edition allows you to play story mode for free. Story mode is available for paid version but with the special update, you can play story mode for free. All we need from you is more positive rating on Play Store. Check our Facebook page for more details.

The Normal Edition contains survival game mode which allows you the freedom to start a new life in Dream city. However, you’ve arrived at the bad time. You have less than a year to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse. Gather your resources and forge friendship as you need them to survive the apocalypse.

The survival mode is separated to 15 parts:
* Part 1: Red Rain.
* Part 2: Missing Person.
* Part 3: Infected Dogs.
* Part 4: Infected Human.
* Part 5: Soaring Price.
* Part 6: Mass Exodus.
* Part 7: Deserted City.
* Part 8: Savage Attack.
* Part 9: Humanitarian Aid.
* Part 10: Raider’s Attack.
* Part 11: Cure.
* Part 12: Military Arrival.
* Part 13: Wipeout.
* Part 14: Plague.
* Part 15: Restoration of The City.

Currently, you can play Part 1 to Part 12. We’re still developing content for Part 8 and beyond.

Difference Between DC Life and DC Living

Both DC Life and DC Living share the same game world. DC Life is a text-based game which allows you to control the main character through plenty of screens. DC Living on the other hand plays like 2D role playing game which allows you to control the main character that you see from the top down view. Both games have lots of interaction. If you have no idea what to do in the game, you can refer to the extensive checklist that keeps track of your progress in the game. There are a lot of tutorials that explain what you need to do in the game.

Is This Life Simulation Game?

The short answer is no. You’re only controlling the main character from certain age. Although the game has certain life simulation features such as taking care of hunger, sleep and other needs, the game plays like a normal role playing game.

Features Available to All Game Modes

* 4 career paths (ad agency executive, lawyer, fashion designer or model)
* job promotion (starts from low-level position and get promoted to the top as CEO)
* plenty of part-time jobs at the restaurants and the port
* scavenge trash bins to recycle items to sell
* gain skill points by performing a job or attending class
* 40 places to explore (4 home type, 8 work places, 7 restaurants, 6 schools, 5 shops, 4 leisure facilities and 5 recreational facilities)
* upgrade home with plenty of furniture
* robust inventory system which allows to store and cook many food items
* 4 different vehicles to own (scooter, small car, sedan car and luxury car)
* invest in 3 different mutual funds to build wealth (take advantage of the economy to buy low and sell high)
* fight normal enemies (gangster, hooligan, drug addict and gym trainer)

Features Available to Survival Mode
* plenty of interesting and recurring tasks given by many characters which rewards money and improve relationship
* fight special enemies associated with the apocalypse (angry male, the infected, the savage and soldiers)

Technical Issues

If you have technical issues or any problem about the game, please contact us through e-mail address that you can find on this page.
* fix freeze bug while talking to Romero
* fix can’t pack stuff while moving to new home
* add new endless game mode
* sandbox mode is now known as survival mode
* add new hygiene mechanics to replace stress mechanics
* overhaul sickness mechanics (no restriction to places & recovery time)
* add barter system for survival mode (go to the campsite after May)
* add more content for survival mode (Part 1 to Part 7)
* add romance scene for male character in survival mode

App Information of DC Life: Normal Edition

App Name DC Life: Normal Edition
Package Name air.com.inspiregamesnexus.dreamcitylife
Version 1.620
Rating 10.0 ( 885 )
Size 30.3 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2020-03-20
Installs 50,000+

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