Djembe Loops, 220 Rhythms- 1050 Phrases FREE 1.1.29 Mod APK Updated

Djembe Loops, 220 Rhythms- 1050 Phrases FREE 1.1.29 Mod APK Updated

Description of Djembe Loops, 220 Rhythms- 1050 Phrases FREE

Are you Looking for Djembe Loops, 220 Rhythms- 1050 Phrases FREE APK Mod + Data? Don’t worry, We got it for you. The App have an Excellent rating of / 10. The app have got over 1,000+ Downloads over the play store. The Current Version of the app is 1.1.29. Almost 30 users have voted for this app. The app has been updated on 2020-07-07. The App Requires Android 4.4+ and up.

220 Rhythms- 1050 Phrases FREE West Africa rhythms.

Create your own rhythms or edit existing West African rhythms and save them on your device or share them with other users.

Used by djembe playres, ngoni players, west african dancers around the world.

A collection of beautifully sampled percussion instruments from West Africa in a playable, polyrhythmic implementation with highly inspirational pre-programmed patterns.

The rhythms of all percussion instruments are also easily editable via the sequencer for instant polyrhythmic groove creation.

The roots and conventions of West African music involve a number of instruments playing together to produce complex polyrhythmic textures. Djembe Loops allows for the easy recreation of traditional ensemble playing with one touch of the play button.

The included 220 pre-programmed ensemble patterns give you instant access to stunning rhythms and melodies. The percussion patterns are also fully customizable with a visual pattern based sequencer and groove controls.

African musical traditions and West African percussion in particular have long been accepted as the roots of many contemporary musical styles. The influence of African music is felt in the rhythms and motifs of blues, rock, soul, funk, hip-hop, disco and house. African music has become a source of genuine creative inspiration for forward-thinking producers across the globe.

Renowned producers and musicians from some of the world’s biggest bands have forged strong links with West African music and musicians, while cutting-edge artists producing house, techno, dubstep and UK funky draw directly from the percussive power of the region. West African artists are also seeing a rise in popularity in Europe and the US, with a new generation of fans exploring the musical cultures of one of the world’s most fertile musical regions.

Full West African orchestra with three Djembes, Kenkeni, Kenkeni bell, Sangpan, Sangpan bell, Doundounba (Doundoun), Doundounba bell. All types of sounds and flams are supported.

West African Rhythm intreprentation may vary from person ton person and from area to area. Please send your arguments and ideas at [email protected]

Djembe loops is an experimental project, free of charge and it works better on powerfull mobile devices and tablets.
Here are some of the rhythms:

Abioueka, Abissa, Adjos, Abondan, Baga, Balakulandyan, Balan Sonde, Bambafoli, Bandogiali/ Bando Djei / G’Bandon, Bara, Belebele, Bolon, Bolowi, Dalah, Damba, Dansa / Djansa / Yansa, Demosoni Kelen, Denadon, Denbadon, Dewoo dewoo, Diansa, Dibon II,
Didadi, Dja, Djaa Kouroussa, Djaa Siguire, Djabara / Yabara, Djambadon, Djagbe / Madan,
Djelidon / Lamba / Djelifoli, Djole / Yole, Donaba, Donso, Dunun Gbe / Kon, Dunumba Ancienne Kato, Fanga, Fankani, Fe, Foro Binge, Fouroukourouba, Garankedon / Sanja Garanki, Gidamba / Dyidamba / Somba Koro, Gine Fare, Gumbe, G’Beredou, Kadan, Kakilambe, Kassa, Kassa Djibo / Wurende, Kassa Soro, Kawa, Keneffoli, Konden, Konden II, Konjumalon, Konkoba I / Conkoba I, Konkoba II / Conkoba II, Konkoba Doundoun, Koreduga / Komodenu, Kono, Kononari, Konowoulen I, Konowoulen II, Kuku, Kuku Casse, Kurabadon, Kurunen Kun’Do, Lafe / Kurubi, Lambe, Liberte I, Liberte II, Maane, Macru / Baga Gine, Makende, Mamaya, Marakadon, Matadi, Mendiani, Menie, Mola, Moribayassa, Namani, Nantalomba, N’Gri/ Kirin / Bougouninka, Noumou, N’Goron / Toubala Kono, Panthere, Rumba, Saa, Senefoly / Bandon Fadima/ Sansonnetfoli, Sila, Silamalon, Sidiyassa, Sinte / Nalu Fate, Sirankuruni, Siwe, Sobonincum, Sofa / Limbaji Toko / Kelemansa Bon/ Warabah, Sogolon / Somonofoli, Soko, Soli / Donba / Woimafoli, Soli des Manian, Soli Lent, Soli Rapide, Solibasi, Soliwoulen / Sororoule, Sorofoli, Sorsornet, Soumoun / N’Toman, Sungurubani, Sunu, Taama, Takonany, Tani, Tansole, Tiriba, Toro, Wassolonka, Wolosedon / Djondon, Yakandi, Yakandi II, Yaradi / Kebendo/ Djadandu, Yogui, Yoleli / Foula Fare,
Enhanced filtering of rhythms.

Enhanced visuals of looping phrases.

Introducing Djembe Loops Blog.

App Information of Djembe Loops, 220 Rhythms- 1050 Phrases FREE

App Name Djembe Loops, 220 Rhythms- 1050 Phrases FREE
Package Name com.djembeloops
Version 1.1.29
Rating ( 30 )
Size 5.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Updated 2020-07-07
Installs 1,000+

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